Possible Trading Away DJ

Standard league, 12 teams.

I offered DJ for Howard and Ingram but he wasn’t about it. What are everyone’s thoughts of Howard/Lynch or Ingram/Lynch for DJ?

I currently have DJ, Mixon, Michel, R.Freeman, Morris.

i’m in the same boat as you, currently been offered Fournette by one owner and Howard for another for DJ. I want to believe that DJ is done but something just nagging in the back of my head he could explode any week!

That’s my hesitation too. But the longer you wait and he continues to struggle, the more trade value he loses.

I also never like giving up the best player in the trade but I feel like DJ’s draft day value is in the back of my mind because is he even more valuable than someone like Ingram or Howard right now? He might not be so they could be a wash and then I get a very capable RB2 in Lynch

yep this is exactly my problem. It all hinges on Rosen this weekend. Think the only remaining RB1 value you could use DJ for is the potential of Rosen playing well this weekend, if Rosen busts this weekend then DJ’s value as RB1 is absolutely gone. So it’s whether you cash in now or not. Tough call.

about to pull the trigger on Breida & Fournette for DJ. Good trade or bad trade!?!?

@brody_goldenreceiver I like Howard and Lynch
@hispencer92 I like Berida especially with the QB change and Fournette will be just fine.

he’s now asked to add in Quincy as well as DJ for Breida & Fournette. Still worth it?