Possible veto trade situation

So the guy who was first overall pick got Barkley, now this guy is HUGE green bay as in the last 4 years I been playing with him his first pick was ALWAYS Rodgers. so now there was a offer made here… it’s a a half PPR 10 man league

Barkley for Rodgers(he went in the 3rd round in this league) that’s it straight across. i got 2 guys screaming for a veto but I’m the commisher and personally I know this ain’t collusion or team dumping so i wanna let it go thru cause why should I veto the trade when it’s clearly not cheating just one guy being a dumbass… My argument against them is if i veto this trade why wouldn’t I veto the next trade cause a few guys don’t like it?

I just wanna make sure I am making the right decision in letting this dumb trade go thru.

Are you playing in this league? If so than do you think its a fair trade because it will most likely make the person getting saquon for pennies on the dollar a stronger team, which in turn will make people not want to play in a league that allows super teams to be made. i mean its most peoples number 1 pick going for a qb i know if it was me it would be a automatic veto.


yes of course I’m playing in the league. I agree I don’t wanna stack a team and ruin it for a lot of ppl but at point should I get involved in vetoing trades? we have never veto’d trades ever in this league and I know if the tables was turned no one would like it if I did it to them…

I am a solid and firm believer in letting the teams play which is why we never veto unless clear conclusion or team dumping.

Which Is why I asked if you were playing because if you think it’s a unfair trade than you should veto it because it’s unfair your not picking sides just making the smart decision for your own team!

Personally I wouldnt want this trade to go threw in my league. If it was Roger’s and a rb2 or wr2 ya all day that’s good with me. But straight across I dont see why it would go threw.


Just figure out where every owner stands and if majority say it’s unfair make the call before the season starts. It’s ok to be a dick commissioner if you know it’s going to protect the integrity of the league. Not everybody is always fantasy savy. I have some cowboys fans in my league that always take shitty cowboys players and never win but we make sure they know that and try and help them learn the right way to play.


Yeah. It’s not a fair trade

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No offense, but the answer isn’t the veto. There is no collusion here and this could have been fixed by you, the commish, 2-3 seasons ago when you discovered you had said ‘dumbass’ (your words not mine) in your league and continued to allow his stupid decisions to have an effect on the league.

You all laughed when he drafted Rodgers in the first round and as a result it made all of the other players teams stronger so you sat back and did nothing because it was to your benefit and his detriment.

This is his unintentional ‘revenge’ this year.



I would veto. I would be mad as a member of that league seeing that trade go thru. Not even close to fair. Sorry if I come across the wrong way, but that’s how I’d feel if I were to see that happen in my league. If they adjusted the trade to where it was more fair, it’d be fine (obviously). But don’t allow that trade straight up.

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Personally it’s a terrible trade. BUT, it is a legal and fair trade. You should only veto for collusion and team dumping. If the person trading Saquan is improving his qb position and is wanting to do so then that is his prerogative. Job as commish is not to legislate if a trade is fair. Make sure it wasn’t collusion or a guy dumping his team already. If neither of those come into play then you need to let the trade go through and let the chips fall where they may.


He should have picked Rogers with his #1 pick then… I would make sure that there was no back door deal prior. If no deal then no veto. As commissioner of my league I will only intervene when as you said collusion or when a team gives up. Like it or not I agree with @psychosem17. Either several years ago should have helped him be better or sent him packing for not getting smart. But overall was there a backdoor deal prior to the draft? That answered gives you the answer as commish

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What do their rosters look like, respectively?

He had done that the previous 3 years according to the commish. They didn’t care he made an idiot move when it concerned his own team because it made the commish and everyone else’s team stronger. Now he’s an idiot with a trade because the guy is a Packers fan and it’s going to hurt their chances so now they are all in an uproar .

Why not talk to the guy after the second season in a row he did that with Rodgers and be like hey, you could probably get him 2-3 rounds later and try to make the league better or replace him if he just dont get it.

That probably wasn’t done because hey if he’s the idiot that wants to draft Rodgers in the 1st he isn’t winning so more money/bragging rights/chance at winning the trophy for me. That was the mindset. Now that same mindset has come back to bite them on the ass when this could have easily been prevented. This is a situation of their own creation.

Now his options are either piss off most of the league or disallow the trade of the one ‘dumbass’ (his words) they allowed in the league for four years straight because they thought it was funny and an easy win. It might be best to do that and hope he doesn’t return for the sake of a better played league, but really he did nothing wrong.

To me you can’t veto a trade if there isn’t collusion. You have to know your league. This guy knew what was up with the league. He knew this guy was a ‘mark’ for Rodgers and the Pack and used that to his advantage, but that’s ‘good ethical play’ right guys? Why isn’t he under the gun for being unscrupulous if you are worried about ‘league integrity’?

If both parties agree and there is no collusion you got to allow it no matter how bad it sucks. If the guy doesn’t ‘learn’ find a new player, but to punish a guy for playing the entire league and making the ‘joke’ on them instead of this one poor guy (like it had been the previous 3 seasons) is beyond hilarious to me so kudos to that owner. He exposed the entire situation for what it was. It’s okay if it benefits us for THREE SEASONS, but now that it bites us on the butt we aren’t going to allow it.



This is 100% right.

PS- Get off my lawn. :stuck_out_tongue:

Find it hard to believe this trade is being made when Rodgers was taken in the third round and this guys has “no clue” because he’s blinded by the Packers fandom. If he was the number 1 pick why didn’t he choose him at 1? Additionally he would’ve had the last second round pick and first third round pick to choose Rodgers. Who did he take with those picks? Not saying it’s collusion, but it makes me skeptical if the reasoning is truly because he is a Packers fan. Is there a reason why he didn’t Rodgers later when he easily could have? All questions I would ask.

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If you never veto then let it go through. I think commissioner having veto rights is dumb anyway. Let these guys do with their teams as they wish. Commissioner is not God. Legal trades are legal trades. Fair should not be a factor.

Look at it this way, stupidity/naivity/ignorance is not cheating. You should only utilize this feature for obvious collusion or dumping etc.

Don’t micromanage bro you can’t see the future. You need to make perfectly clear to your league-mates this is the way it’s going to be.

This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give the GB noob enough static that maybe next time they think much more about doing it. If and when this person realizes they got jobbed and everyone else knows it this should promote better decision making down the road…

But it should be that manager’s decision either way and who cares what anyone else thinks

I agree with this point. For all we know Barkley could get injured in week 1; we can’t predict the future so don’t micromanage. As long as there is no collusion, you have to let managers manage their teams regardless of how stupid the decision might be.

That being said, I’d probably try to have this guy removed from my league next year lol

I agree with all points. We don’t kick him out of the league cause he is fun to have around and talk shit with. When we all started this league 4 years ago we was all super new to fantasy so while a lot of us have improved by using draft kits and just being smarter he just doesn’t get better and other then him sucking we can’t kick him out. Now for a update on the situation, none of the managers liked it but we all know it’s not collusion or anything so we would let the trade go thru cause veoting would be dumb at this point but luckily for us both managers backed out of the trade for whatever reason so thankfully the trade went thru.

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