Possible Zeke Trades

Floating potential trade offers for Zeke. Here’s what there is so far:

– Zeke for J Taylor and AJ Brown
– Zeke for Jacobs and either AJ Green or Devante Parker
– Zeke for J Robinson and Woods

My other RBs currently are A Jones, Gio, McKissic and Pollard, and my WRs are A Robinson, McLaurin, Fulgham, Beasley and Gallup. I know Zeke is RB4 for the season in full PPR, but ROS isn’t looking very good for him. D Cook is out there but thinking that might be too much of a price.

Thoughts? Or leave Zeke alone for at least one more week? TIA

edited to take the Gurley/Cooks trade out

Zeke for Taylor/A.J. Brown is the trade I would take. You get a quality RB2 with RB1 upside and a WR1 in Brown. Good depth pieces.

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Thanks! I think that’s the one I’m leaning to more but never too sure, was thinking Taylor was too much of a downgrade.

Anyone else?

Would like to see the successful Zeke trades in peoples leagues as well


I feel nauseous about it by I just traded Zeke, Stafford, and Hollywood for Russel Wilson and Antonio Gibson.

This is a super flex league, so my team is now:
Russel Wilson
Joe Burrow
Derek Carr
Allen Robinson
Robert Woods
Tyler Boyd
Brandin Cooks
Miles Sanders
Jon Taylor
Antonio Gibson
Chase Edmonds
Melvin Gordon(hoping- someone dropped him and I’m bidding high)
Jonnu Smith

Deep benches for Covid year. Hate giving up Zeke, but getting an auto 20-25 points from Wilson will certainly make my team better. WR depth is whatever now.

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