Possible Zero

Had to pick up a 2nd TE as Hooper is on bye.

Don’t want to drop anyone. 6-2 Record Standard Scoring .

If I were to take a zero better on a D or K? Not sure of the stats and who on average gets more points normally each week. Thanks

If you need to take a zero I’d take it on kicker unless you’re starting a d you don’t have confidence in.

Right now have Butker in. No D picked yet.

Lots of kickers available.

D are Seahawks, Vikings , Browns, Colts.

Play the Browns D

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So drop Butker for Browns?

My opponent got a zero already as they left Goodwin in Thursday.

I could switch Butker for a later kicker and wait until the afternoon games to see how I am doing and go from there maybe.

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Any other thoughts.

Appreciate it.

i think thats a good plan

Yeah think I might put in Maher for now as he is ranked higher and plays later.

Your plan for now looks like it will work fine. For future reference, what I tend to do in situations like this, is to make a 3/2 trade the week before. I’m like you, I don’t have people on my roster I want to drop, so I make trades that get me something I need and free up a bench spot. For example, earlier this week, I had a full roster and knew D. Adams was going to be upgraded. I have been wanting to get rid of Gurley, so I made a trade; I gave up Gurley, McLaurin, and J. Samuels. In return, I got Josh Jacobs (who I really wanted, as I love his playoff schedule!) and Golden Tate. So I gave up two guys I have no confidence in for the rest of the season and a guy that is probably a one week wonder, to get a top flight RB. I have actually already traded away Tate for Dede Westbrook, as a friend in my league got stuck with no WR to put in Dede’s spot. he was happy to get Tate - and I get a better WR rest of year!

Nice trade and thanks for your input. I tried a 2 for 1 etc but no bites so going to chance it for now. Thanks again.