Possibly trade

I am targeting cam newton for a playoff stash. I would be giving up duke Johnson and mike Davis for cam. My other QB is rivers. And my RB Is Connor, Howard, and Melvin Gordon. Thoughts?

I personally like this because you’re only giving up depth for a QB that’ give you a distinct advantage in playoffs, if I remember correctly the rest of your team looks good as well.

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I have no issue with this. You have solid RB starters and although Rivers is having an MVP caliber season, Newton’s rushing adds another element that could be a game changer

@UpsettiSpaghetti yeah my team is looking solid.
QB: rivers
RB: Gordon, Connor, Howard, Duke Johnson, Mike Davis
WR: Keenan Allen, Diggs, tre Smith, ty Williams, Sutton
TE: Kittle and Njuko (both on bye this week but considering either dropping Njuko for a spot start or not having a TE play with a 8-2 record and first round BYE holder)
DST: chargers and broncos.
Dropped Dan Bailey for chargers kicker cause of BYE but will pick him back up

cut either Tre’Quan or one of the D/ST and get a fill in TE for a week

Stashing broncos for playoffs, tre Smith is like ehhh but drew spreads the ball atound so I’m iffy on cutting him. Kittle has proved to be a start every week. Losing faith in Njuko

The Saints scored a bunch and Smith put up a goose egg. He might be good next year or in the future, but he’s a liability. I myself agree and cut Njoku after Ertz bye week