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Post Cook Injury Trade


I do not have much I can unload to help out with losing Cook. I lost Edelman early in the season as well. I do have Rodgers and with a couple QB hurt this week I was thinking I could trade him off for some help at RB and WR.

I was offered TY Hilton, Latavius Murray, and Mark Ingram for Rodgers, Cobb and Derrick Henry.

My Current RB/WRs are…

Tevin Coleman
Collins (Baltimore)
Devante Parker

Should I drop Rodgers or do I hold tight. I am 0-4 but I have been in the top 4 each week for scoring. The points against are killing me.


My 2 Cents:

I think you are letting go of Rodgers way too easy.

TY Hilton is great, but not exactly Elite unless Andrew Luck is playing. Murray is a BIG unknown, even though he should end up as the guy. Mark Ingram is the biggest value you are getting back, and with the emergence of Kamara in New Orleans, his upside is somewhat limited.

You should be getting more solid position players in return IMO, especially with you throwing in Cobb (who should have good upside in the next couple weeks if Adams stays out) and Henry (Valuable Handcuff).

Go pickup Breida if you can afford the bench space, it should make owning Hyde less scary as your RB1.

Good Luck.