Post Draft - Feedback Welcome

Just finished my home league draft, switched to full PPR this year from standard the last three years. Roster QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLX/K/DST & 6 Bench. I had the 1.01, team below. Thoughts, commet, suggestions welcome. I think I did okay, was a big run on WR rounds 2-4 so I got sniped a load waiting at the turn.

QB - Matt Ryan
RB’s - Kamara, Montgomery, Jacobs, Ekeler, Darwin Thompson
WR’s - Thielen, Allen, Kirk, Samuel, Robbie Anderson, Allison
TE - Burton (Had to punt)
K - Badgley
DST - Cowboys (Stream)

Had to grab a DST as multiple guys roster two every year for at least a few weeks, mad I know.

Top waiver players:
RB’s Breida, Jackson, Justice Hill, Richard, Harris, Brian Hill, Edmons
WR’s - Ginn, Marquise Goodwin, Gabriel, Parker, Beasley, Tate, Tyrell Williams, Deebo,
TE - Waller, Eifert, Graham, Davis, Herndon
QB - Allen, Darnold, Stafford, Fitzmagic, Carr

I think it looks great. I personally would’ve gone Barkley at 1.01 but that’s just my preference over Kamara. Overall B+/A-, good studs and good breakout potentials out there.

Also I wouldn’t be mad about having Dallas at all, I think they’re going to be really great, I’m targeting them with my last pick forsure.

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Thanks appreciate that, managed to get great value in the middle rounds with people grabbing QBs, DSTs and sub par TEs.

Agree on Dallas D, I think they could be a 3 week patch to open. Got sniped on the Pats D by two picks, aside from Pittsburg I could see them as solid until the week 9 bye.

Solid. I would find room on that roster somehow to pick up Berida. Then if one of your RBs goes off you might be able to deal him and Burton for an upgrade at TE.

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Yeah TE really got away quickly. Definitely have some trade chips though, Kelce owner is very weak at RB and bench and Ertz owner is pretty average all round. Worth a chat for sure.

I love this team

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Trade Question - would you take Ekeler and Burton and target a RB needy owner for their TE? Obviously I won’t get the top three but maybe Engram, Howard, McDonald type?

Two for one then grab Justin Jackson to cover Gordon’s expected holdout? Or is Ekeler too much to give up for a tier 2 TE