Post draft help/insight needed please

Our league is ten teams. I had the #2 pick. Our roster is constructed of 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, one te, 2 flex, one defense, no kickers, 7 bench and 2 ir spots.

Scoring in the league is full ppr, full point for all first downs, 6 points for passing tds, points for 40 yard plays and 40 yard td plays, and other bonus/custom scoring categories.

I am weak at TE but here is my team

QB: Goff
WR: Evans, Woods, Cooks, Westbrook, Kirk, Gallup, Albert Wilson
RB: Kamara, Henry, Sanders, L Murray, Breida, Darwin Thompson, Damien Harris
TE: Rudolph
DEF: Chargers

I did reach on a few players, like Woods in the 3rd round, but the other players on the board were guys like Hilton, Brown, Dalvin Cook, Allen,Mack, Kerryon. I felt they were too risky of a pick to draft. I drafted Sanders in the 6th round. I saw the rbs thinning out and may have tilted, but I know the ballers have been talking up Woods and Sanders.

I do like the firepower that my starting line up has with Kamara, Evans, I like the stack combo of Goff, Woods, and Cooks. I like the upside on my bench with Sanders, Gallup, Thompson, and Harris.

I know it’s early but I should make a trade for a TE or another rb? Also, some of the tes on the wire are Doyle, Reed, Graham, Eifert. Am I okay with Rudolph for now and see how things go in Minnesota, especially after getting a new contract?

Any help is appreciated ! Thanks in advance !

Maybe try to package up cooks and Henry for a better rb 2. I’ve got no faith in Henry


I agree, Henry is just too volatile of a player. I probably would’ve taken a flier on Dalvin Cook or Kerryon since you ended up with Cooks and Woods. I like Woods better, but with Kupp back I think there is less to go around for the two of them so the stack for Goff and one of them is there but having both of them is too much. I’d trade Cooks and package with Henry for a similar WR/RB set trying to upgrade your RBs while getting another quality WR as well.

I do remember on the podcast they said they would have 2 players from the Rams offense on their team though.

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I remember Jason saying that as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s bad. I just don’t think it’s ideal, and I would try to avoid it if possible. I would spread my pieces out if equivalent talent is available. This is coming from a Rams fan myself, I just see Kupp retaking a lot of the targets that were shared between Cooks and Woods.

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Exactly I say trade one of them because alot of people love that offense and love having a piece of it so cooks will draw more interest and Henry needs to be packed with someone with some worth and since you have 2 receivers on a great offense I’d trade one in my case cooks

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