Post Draft Review: Too Early To Panic?

Drafted at the 7 spot in a 14 man non-ppr league. Roster construction is as follows: 1 QB, 1 RB, 3 WR/TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE). My Team:

QB: M Ryan
RB: Kamara
WR: C Godwin, DJ Moore, A Robinson
FLEX: AJ Green

Bench: K Hunt, L Murray, D Harris, A Mattison, E Sanders

In Round 2 I had the chance to grab K Drake or M Sanders and chose Godwin in hopes he was the safe pick and also keeping in mind I must start 3 WRs. As the rounds went on I kept taking best available and ended up slim on RBs because so many WRs fell. Im already kicking myself for not going Drake even though it would have left me with Moore as my WR1. Do I have a shot or do I need to look to acquire a RB ASAP?

Imo i think you’re set up pretty well. You only play 1 RB so it’s gonna be kamara every week except the bye week. You’re stacked at WR and like you said you have to start 3. Your filler RB on the bye week is hunt and he could win you the week by himself. If kamara gets hurt you have his backup. I think you’re good to go. Oh and Harris might carve himself out a big role in New England as well.