Post Draft Trade Thoughts

Half PPR 12 man
I didnt realize I drafted Diontae and Claypool along with Najee. Ideally I can move Claypool for someone of similiar value

In my league someone else also drafted Robby Anderson as well as DJ Moore

I like Diontae more obviously and Im sure he likes DJ. Maybe 1-1 there

or Claypool for Anderson?
I feel like the Claypool trade Im losing on and Diontae might not be enough for DJ

My team
Najee, Monty, Carson, Mostert, Tyson Williams
Adams, Diontae, Deebo, Claypool, MT, J. Meyers

His Team
Josh Allen
CMC, Clyde, Harris, Ronald Jones, Michael Carter
Hopkins, Evans, DJ Moore, Robby Anderson, Mooney
Tonyan, Engram

Or if you have any other possible thoughts on comparable talent. Not trying to like rip someone just dont want to have 3 Steelers and dont wanna lose a ton of value

Robby Anderson wouldn’t be awful. I believe claypool was drafted kinda similarly to tee Higgins and Jeudy too?

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I really have no interest in Higgins. Had him last year and wasnt impressed watching him. Jeudy is a good thought id be alright with that I think, but that owners team idk if hed make a move this early. I might reach out though thats a good thought

Kinda why I targeted someone who had the same issue with 2 wr from the same team

If you can get that done, you’re the big winner.

You like Anderson that much? I assume DJ will have a much better season than last and probably takes some more away from Anderson than he did last year.

I feel like Anderson is alright and its pretty fair but I certainly wouldnt feel like a BIG win with that.

How do you feel about Jeudy?

(I do believe Claypool is going to have a solid year aswell)

He was a top 20 WR last year. He’s reunited with his QB from the Jets who made him look good enough for the Panthers to want him in the first place, so I wouldn’t expect a dropoff.

Why would you assume that? DJ was NOT a top 20 WR last year, and he’s not Darnold’s boy.

He’s probably a pretty good WR who is inexperienced and stuck in a sub-optimal QB situation. I definitely wouldn’t want him over Anderson.

When you look at it from the end, it will probly LOOK fairly solid, but he will also be wildly inconsistent from week to week, and therefore a tough start in managed leagues.

DJ was a first round pick coming into the league and Anderson was undrafted so just shear talent says DJ should be the number one and he finished WR16 (Anderson finished WR40) 2 years ago so there is a case that last year was a dip for him. Alot has changed (teams, qbs, etc) since then but that is part of it.

You think Robby finishes better than DJ on the season this year by the sounds of it?

The Anderson getting Darnold back does have impact he seems to love Robby and I think you still made solid points that make me think Im good with it. Ill offer it up and see

Yeah, but they’ve both been in the league for like 4-5 years now, so it’s not like they’re being judged on their draft position at this point. Lots of undrafted players have ended up being better than #1 picks–you know this.

Anderson was with the abysmal Jets 2 years ago, and Moore’s competition was Curtis Samuel. Apples and oranges.

I think they’ll be pretty close on the season–both hovering around WR20 or so. I like Robby a lot for this weekend, being a revenge game against the Jets right off the bat for Darnold and Robby.

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Again all fair points
Thanks again

Gonna offer it. If it gets rejected any other WR is that range you like as targets?

Side note I dont get the apples and oranges thing. Like its used to say things arent comparable but like oranges and apples are very comparable. Both fruit both grow on trees like wouldnt it make more sense to be like apples and horseshoes? or something that actually isnt really comparable? Just always bugged me whenever I hear it sorry lol

Everything in the world is LIKE everything else in the world (comparable), and everything in the world is DIFFERENT from everything else in the world (contrastable), depending on what you focus on. It’s just a saying to express that the two situations were different in regards to other variables.