Post draft Waiver Advce

Standard scoring, i’m solid at RB but have high risk WRs and TE looking at waivers and just noticed Mike Williams went undrafted, along with others i’ll mention below is he worth the pick up and/or any other guys worth a look here? Any advice appreciated!

Current WRs: Baldwin, Gordon, Davis, Robinson, Stills
Wavier Options: M. Williams, Cole, Hurns, Gallup, Dede, Lockett, Ridley, Washington, Doctson

Current TE: Reed
Waiver Options: Cook, Howard, Watson, Davis, Gesicki, Hurst, Brate, Green

Who would you be dropping? A lot of those WRs are interesting, but not over the guys you listed. I’d be looking to stream TE if i don’t get a stud anyway, so taking a stab at Reed is fine, imo.

I mean it would really be Stills i think, as you say all the other guys are interesting and have a lot of upside. Not saying Stills doesn’t but i guess it’s having a potential WR1 on a bad team over a WR2/3 on a good team like Williams, Ridley or take a stap on one of the Dallas guys but that looks more frustrating than fruitful right now. I guess i’m just slightly concern with the bust potential of all my WRs outside of Baldwin?

Failing that just hold and see what happens in the first 2 weeks, just weighing up acting now. Agree on TE though, Reed when healthy is up there, when he gets hurt i’ll stream.

Williams,Cole,Hurns,Dede,Doc,Lockette are all solid pick ups as is Gallup for upside .

Williams needs to be owned but who else is on your team ?

I think you are pretty set at WR. Baldwin has a good floor and good upside. Gordon could be a league winner, an absolute bust, or a middling WR2, Davis has huge upside, Robinson is a great value as a WR4 and Stills offers a good floor. You have a great set up IMO

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This is the issue, i’m big on Williams getting a big target share and having a lot of redzone/endzone looks.
So my full roster is as follows, aside from Still right now i don’t know who else to drop? I want Williams before week 1 because i can see him having a big game vs KC and then being the number 1 waiver guy
QB - Cam
RB - Gordon, Fournette, Henry, Coleman, Clement, Kerryon
WR - Baldwin, Gordon, Davis, Robinson, Stills
TE - Reed (until injured)
K - Prater
DST - Saints

Yea, its upside vs safety. Depends on which you think you need. Personally, I think Stills is a really nice piece this year.

If you believe in him that much then drop stills. Everyone else on your WR core is much more valueable at the moment.

Appreciate the reply, i agree with your points my only concern is aside from Baldwin there are some low floors in there with Gordon (off field), Robinson (injury recovery, QB weakness), Davis (can’t get it going with Mariota it seems) and Stills (plays for Miami…) so the upside is big but the floors are low so far from safe

Do not drop Stills for any of those guys. Stills will be the #1 WR in Miami this year and could be a solid WR 2. He had 847 yards and 6 TDs last year and 726 yards and 9 TDs the year before. Landry is gone and Parker has a broken finger and can’t even catch the ball right now. High on Stills this year.


I completely agree with you, but if he is dead set on it I would drop Stills over Davis

appreciate the views @DFWB and @Ghost228 i think I’ll see how much more i can find out about Parker closer to week 1 go from there, broken finger could be an issue for a few games and Stills will get a lot of targets and Williams will be match up based/form based as stacking him and Melvin G isn’t ideal.

I hear you @FantasyFootballDad and agree with those points, maybe I’m giving Williams the homer bias! I cant deny the volume for Stills though and as the WR1 there unless something else happens to Allen or Tyrell in LA he is probably the smart hold statistically