Post your championship winning team!

I won 2 leagues tonight

Had the last pick in the draft, and picked up Odell and Gordon in 1/2. Got Cooper in a trade for Crabtree before the season, and grabbed Baldwin & McGuire off waivers for this week.

Give me that #footclan title!


Would’ve won 2 but I started Gronk in my other league and lost by .5 points!

12 team auction with 2 keepers.

I drafted Antonio Brown 5 years ago and Kamara last year and was able to get Barkley and McCaffery to lead me to the championship and a 13-2 overall record.

By far the best team I’ve ever had. Led the league in scoring with 2058 points in 13 games. I am going to miss this team.


10 team full point ppr. Of course the highlight is winning the title with CJ Anderson!

12 Team league - standard scoring. Finished regular season 8-5. Championship match-up was a repeat of last year, where I fell to my opponent. Happy to have it go my way this year!

12 team, Half PPR, points for first down.

The guy I beat almost beat me last season in the divisional round. This makes 2 years in a row he has fallen to me on my way to a #footclantitle

I also blocked him from getting CJ "now you’re a Man"derson and had him stashed on my bench.

12 team half ppr. I was 2 games out of playoffs with 2 to play, and caught a break at the end with 2 teams losing their last two. My team is the highest scoring team in the league so I knew if I matched records I was in. Caught a break in the playoffs by picking up Damien Williams and Justin Jackson in the early part of the playoffs, and injuries decimated my opponents.

I should have gone with my gut and put Jamaal in but still won 157-125 :slight_smile:

Limped into the playoffs as the sixth seed, managed to turn the berth into my second consecutive championship in my money league!