Post your playoff matchups

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So here is my matchup. Going to drop Chiefs Def for Chargers, TSmith for Jeff Wilson, and Gostkowski for Buckner.

Going to drop Chiefs D and take a flier on someone, maybe Curtis Samuel…it may look in my favor, but i don’t feel great about it lol.

RB’s have really effed with me all year.


Gotta decide between Wentz and Lamar Jackson. I’m projected to win but projections are a joke. I’ve been projected to win almost every game this week but I backed into the playoffs because of our custom playoff rules.

I’m on the right. Missed the bye week by 15 points and now gotta face THIS guy. How he ended up in 6th place I don’t know. But I definitely don’t feel good about it. Also, why are you guys dropping KC vs Lamar Jackson?

Some really good matchups in here! Wishing you all great prosperity!

I’m mack attack. I’m hoping his players don’t blow up the games haha

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I like you’re team here. You just need a new defense this week. The Bears are great but you can’t trust any defense against the Rams.

I’ve got a close one by the looks of it. Not super confident either with the way CMC has been playing.

I’m running into the same issue with the Bears this week! Who would you rather have this week? Redskins vs. Giants or Lions @ Cardinals. I was leaning the Redskins up until their offense kept falling apart and now the defense is doing nothing.

Redskins is the better of the two defenses but Ari is the worse of the two offenses. When presented with the option of a better defense or a worse offense offense that is somewhat equal, i would tend to lean the worse offense. So i’d probably go Lions although not supremely confident in either option. You may even be better off just to roll with the Bears D. They are an elite defense.

Are the Bills available?

BYE WEEK good Luck everybody

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Congrats man.

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Connor is out and hopefully his Gordon sits!! He only has Yeldon left!! Wish me luck.

Damn how do you have Kamara and Gurley D.Adams and K. Allen !!!

It looks like a 10 team league.

And Kittle, Chubb, Brees and Buckner. That’s solid AF. Thought i was solid.

I smell his #footclantitle from here