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Close wins? Bad beats? Whatever it is post it here!

SO. This week I had noone playing Thursday or Saturday. My opponent was playing Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill who KILLED it. I was down 52 nothing. His team pulled ahead by even more Sunday morning, even though 7 of my players were going: 131 to 85. My matchup was pretty much over. SIKE. Gronk and Big Ben had themselves a solid game. I was now down 127 to 139. He had Mohammed Sanu, I had Devonta Freeman. FREEMAN PUT UP HIS BIGGEST GAME OF THE SEASON AND SANU POOPED HIMSELF. Now I’m one game away from my first #footclantitle. I won 155.8 to 142… This is a league where teams average 110 points roughly per game. Crazy shootout.

And side note: Freeman won me both of my playdraft matchups. Great week of fantasy baby!

Playing one of my best friends and we water bet ahead of time. I was projected to lose by twenty all of Sunday until the last few games when AB went down for the injury and I pulled ahead thanks to Crabtree. Wasn’t planning on playing him due to recent trends but the Ballers convinced me to. Now he’s getting wet and I’m favored by 24 points in the championship game. This will be my third championship game in past 4 years playing.

Edit: He texted in our group chat before AB played talking all kinds of smack about him winning.

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Haha nice dude. Similar with my story. My opponent was talking alllllll kinds of smack the whole time, I didnt have the lead ONCE until monday night on that 38 yard TD run from Freeman. Nothing better than winning a game everyone thought was lost.

Dilly Dilly :beers: it ain’t over until it’s over

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I was down 45 points after the first week of a two week playoff and I came back this week. I decided to go with my guy and picked up B Watson and dropped V Davis and then I dropped Butker and picked up Robbie Gould which was a huge pickup and I ended destroying my friend

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