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Post your Super Team!


Everyone post your super teams that you were somehow able to assemble by this week 5. We’ll see who has the easiest path to that #FootClanTitle.


Mine is:
and I have A.J. Green on my bench:rofl::rofl::rofl:


My team,

Qb: Tom Brady

Rb: zeke, James Connor, David Johnson, lev bell waiting for return, and Adrian Peterson

Wr: Adam Thielen, will Fuller, Julian Edelman, Alshon Jeffery

Te: jimmy graham, trey burton

K: Brandon McManus

D: Bears


QB: Goff
RBs: Barkley, Gordon, Mixon, Conner, Michel, Lindsay
WRs: JuJu, Cooks, Sanders, Jones Jr.
TE: Burton,
K: Butker
DST: TEN (stream)

Oh, did I say I was 1-3, and looking like I will go 1-4. I have the second highest point total in the league.


Here’s mine: 10 team, 0.5 PPR, Superflex. Start 1 QB, 2WR, 2RB, 2Flex, 1 SF, 1 TE, 1 DEF

QBs: Ryan, Luck, Manning
RBs: Gurley, Michel, Aaron Jones, Powell, Chubb
WRs: Nuk, AB, AJ Green, Corey Davis, Godwin
TE: Ebron, Howard
DST: Bears, Jets (stream)

Ebron/Luck stack paid off pretty big for me this week haha.


I managed to make some trades just yesterday and significantly improved my team (picked up AB and Aaron Jones). May not be a Super Team but I’ve got high hopes.

10-team full point PPR league
QB: Goff
WR: AB, Thielen, Kupp (picking up Cole/Callaway today off waivers)
RB: DJ, Jones, Coleman, Lewis, Drake
TE: Vance, Brate(swapping for Howard on waivers)
K: Tucker
DST: Ten (stream)


I was pretty happy with mine but most of these are way better.

I’m in .5 ppr, 12 teams

QB Watson
WR: Julio, Hopkins, Diggs, Manny Sanders, J. Brown, Corey Davis
RB: Mixon, Michel, Breida, Conner
TE: Burton normally but I dropped Drake to play Ebron tonight.
D: Bears




How many teams in this league ?!


half ppr 12 team league
qb- matt ryan russ
rb- zeke d cook connor yeldon lindsay
wr- d adams diggs keenan allen
tight end- jordan reed ebron
defense- panthers vikings
kicker gost


I am 2-2. Week two I lost by 0.9 pts. Last week I lost by 3.2 pts. Frustrating.


12 team, standard scoring. Started slow to 2-2 but hoping they will round into form asap!

QB: Cam
RBs: Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Yeldon, Coleman, Kerryon
WRs: Green, Baldwin, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, Callaway (for the next set of juicy matchups)
TE: Gronk
K: Bailey
DST: Ravens


In 2004, I don’t remember the rest of my team, but I had Shaun Alexander, Tomlinson, and then picked up Larry Johnson after Priest Holmes went down. That was fun.


PPR, 10 Team. Starts QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / TE / 2 FLEX / DEF / K with 7 Bench spots and IR spot

QB: Luck
RB: Gurley / Mixon / Yeldon / Royce / Cohen / Montgomery / Murray
WR: Green / Funchess / Cobb / Coutee / Cole / Hogan
TE: Ebron / Engram
DEF : Rams
K: Tucker

Not really a super team but 4-0 right now with a hell of a start towards 5-0 with the Luck/Ebron stack. Traded Cooper for Hogan which obviously was a great move because I am dropping Hogan hard next week.

The other 4-0 team, obviously with Kamara is the real super team though. Scored 694 points already this year to my 573.


I’m 1-3 too haha


10, its my money league so I’m feeling pretty confident.