Post your Week 17 championships

Rough losing Gurley, Hunt and Sanders this year but thanks to the footclan I got the W

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Congrats! That’s a big win, especially after losing some of your studs.

Do you always play to week 17? I was in a 12-team league once that was supposed to have a 4-team playoff to go through week 16. About halfway through the season the commish realized he probably wouldn’t make the playoffs so he made it a 6-team playoff which forced us into week 17. I got the 3 seed and won all three of my playoff games to win the championship. People didn’t like that he changed the playoffs during the season so the league didn’t continue.



2nd full season standing league title in 7 years.

First year listening to the ballers podcast.

Highest rated year on yahoo ever. I just missed diamond rating by 4-5 points.

Thanks #footclan



@psychosem17… You are more than welcome my friend. And again…HUGE CONGRATS and HUGE THANKS for all your help this season!!! Looking forward to next year. LOL…gonna miss y’all and it’s always almost like coming back HOME every year when the pre-season starts!!! SEE YA THEN…(if not before) LOL. AND…from one FFB’r to another…:hugs: and :handshake: my friend!!!


HUGE CONGRATS to you as well @Fobbyp. Great job buddy!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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YEP…perfect example of COMMISH “COLLUSION” (so to speak). People like that are like some COMPANY/BUSINESS MANAGERS/SUPERIORS. They don’t have a clue what being in a position of authority should be and stand for…and usually end up putting everything and everybody in a bad place!!! :roll_eyes:


This is our first year, so next year I’m voting on the championship finale to happen during week 16.