Post your winning championship team!

Here are both of mine

2nd league

against todd gurley even!!

I’d rather publicly shame crabtree and Jeffrey… I’m so salty

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I though he game was over when girly went off

oh man, dont tell me you started both…

One in each league and lost both because of it

aw man. but like the gospel of the footballers said, for every crap thing to happen to you, is a blessing for someone else. i benched crabtree, and went up against jeffery. i appreciate your sacrifice for my #footclantitle !

i forgot to post this one too. tihs was my week 17 championship. its a PPR, but 1 point per rushing 10 yards, 1 point per 10 receiving yards and 1 point per 10 rushing/receiving yards. its odd i know, but kinda fun to see the bigger numbers. but because it was week 17 i couldnt post it yet, because it had not happened yet. otherwise i would have posted it same day as my other.

this one was super satisfying. i was far and away the top scorer in my league, but this guy had the most wins in the league by far, becasue every week he got the other teams worst performance of the year. to put it simply, he scored 603 points less than me on the season. so i was so worried going into this game just thinking to myself man, this guy keeps on getting lucky, is it going to happen yet again? cut to about halftime of the first games week 17. he has dion lewis and is destroying me. golden tate and juju have done nothing so far. and then the landslide started to come. 71 yard TD golden tate. 20 yard TD juju, 96 yard kick return TD…and it just kept happening. i had 3 of the top 5 scorers that week. worst part, i benched kareem hunt for crowell that week too. hunt with his 1 rush, 35 yards, and a TD out scored crow by 11 points. sigh… lol. but this was a FUN win.