Postseason draft recap

Was a good year for me; I won one of my leagues and was the runner up in my other two. I took a moment to look back over my rosters to see what was left of my draft classes and the results were startling. The guys say that you can’t win a title in your draft, but you can lose it. One of the reasons for that is because your roster will look so different at the end of the season. They are right of course. Of the players on my final roster, I had only 3-5 players on any of my teams that I drafted. That includes some players that I drafted, dropped, and reacquired, and at least one player that I held until the last minute and then had no reason to drop (Mattison in two leagues). The league I won was paced by having CMC (my first round pick) and Lamar (my 9th round pick). The only other player I drafted in that that league whom I started in the Finals was my defense (Ravens), whom I dropped in Sept. and reacquired in a trade in Nov.

This is the only way I know how to play. Normally I pluck 45-50 plus players off the waiver. This year was my lowest, 38 but the team was strong early and I won the league.

I honestly don’t know how anyone could have won a league this year without overturning their roster. So many injuries and duds. It’s good to take shots early like say the Pats D. I used a 1 waiver on them week two after looking at their schedule. It was probably my best move all season.

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Good call. I actually targeted the Pats D during the draft, but as late round flier. I got them in one league, and it worked out just fine for me. But in the league I won, one of my opponents was a Pats fan that just can’t figure out that to win fantasy, you have to leave your team behind. That person took Brady 2nd round, and the D in the 8th round - the first defense off the board in our league. Needless to say, I did not have to play that person in the playoffs!

Well congrats on your fine season. Went back and looked at my original roster. I turned over 83% of it. It was really the ideal season for a dart thrower. Lots of injuries, interpersonal problem players, improbable fantasy super heroes…just keep throwing them darts to glory.