Potential Blockbuster Trade With Stefon Diggs

Hi Everyone,

I have a potential trade that involves me sending Stefon Diggs in exchange for Mike Williams and Miles Sanders. It is a 12 Team half PPR Dynasty league, and my current lineup is:
QB: Wentz
RB: Zeke
RB: Le’Veon Bell
WR: Diggs
WR: Kupp
TE: Hunter Henry
FLEX: Anthony Miller
FLEX: A.J. Brown
FLEX: John Brown/Kareem (When he comes back)

This is my first fantasy league and I am not sure how far in the future I should be planning. Diggs is great now and will be for the next 5+ years but Mike Williams and Sanders have a lot of upside and could be great in the next year or two. Please provide any feedback that you can. Thanks!

Close call. Value is there for sure if you’re a williams/sanders believer. Personally not that big on sanders myself and am a big believer in diggs so I’d take the Diggs side.

Good point, I am definitely a Mike Williams believer but I’m not sure about Sanders if he can pick up the loss in volume that Diggs brings to the team. Plus the Eagles have a crowded backfield but I think he should still get the RB1 job.

I think I’d take this deal. Diggs is the more proven of the involved players but I actually believe in Sanders although I think he struggles to be rb2 this season and Williams I think can be an 80 reception year on year guy with 6-10 TD

If this is what you believe, you can wait. I think Diggs cracks that top 6 value in terms of WRs this season. I think Sanders value will decline after this season and I think Williams will actually regress a bit too. You can probably get this same deal but better either midway into the season or next season. I’m all about Diggs.


Wow - what am I missing here - not even close in my book! I keep Diggs all day long! Not even in the ballpark IMO.

Sanders will get the job eventually, but how long do you want to wait for the top guy in a historical committee?

Mike Williams will also be great, and Tyrell won’t be there to steal receptions. However, Hunter Henry will be there and seeing as you already have Hunter Henry, you may be creating a low ceiling for weekly points. Better to diversify with a guy like Diggs who has great hands.

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If i were you, I would keep Diggs. You’re solid at RB and it’s easier to spot them in rookie drafts anyhow. Plus, Mike Williams will not be the WR1 for the Chargers. That will still be Allen, barring injury. That’s a great looking team for your first time. Good luck.

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I’m curious to know what the other RB options are on this team. Bell can produce, but still has question marks, even as your RB2. I know I may be overly cautious, but one can never be too safe at a position that generally has 3-5 good years.

My remaining RBs are:
Ito Smith
D’onta Foreman
Rodney Anderson
Dexter Williams
Alex Collins

and my WR off the bench are:
Devanta Parker
Gary Jennings Jr.
Preston Williams
Marquise Lee

I like Williams, and Sanders is attractive, too…but…I’d rather have a core of Zeke, Bell, Diggs, and Kupp than Zeke, Bell, Williams and Kupp.

There’s no guarantee that Kupp comes back as strong as he was last year, and moe than Williams, Diggs seems more like the dependable, go-to type receiver that you’ll need if Kupp is slow to find his previous form.

Also keep in mind that Sanders hasn’t even seen the practice field. Not only is he a rookie in a crowded backfield, he’s nursing a hamstring. It’s only June, I know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up blooming late for the Eagles because of this slow start. Jordan Howard is the automatic starter, Corey Clement is apparently fully healthy, and an article came out last week saying that Josh Adams was the best player on the field in OTAs and minicamps while Sanders watched, so…proceed with caution.

I don’t think your team’s broke; aint no need to fix it.

In a dynasty league I would take Mike Williams and Sanders side all day long. Diggs is great side but he’s a WR2 and Mike Williams will have equal value by next year. Sanders is a great talent and 1.4 in most rookie drafts and will be the lead back sooner then later. All this Diggs love is understandable but Williams was a better talent coming into the league and has the draft capital to back it up and sanders has real talent on a great offense. Take the deal

Diggs is a WR2 based on…what? Finished as WR10 last season and just got signed on a big contract. Williams doesn’t even have a path to WR1 on his own team given Allen is there. Draft capital doesn’t matter anymore when comparing with Diggs who’s already proven he’s one of the best WRs in the league. Expect diggs to breka into that elite tier sooner than later. Similar to how Adams did.

Even the UDK has Diggs ranked 15th with Theilen ranked over him. I like Diggs but I think Williams and Sanders are the better side of this trade. Time will tell.

Contrary to popular belief, UDK rankings aren’t gospel and are often wrong. I actually do like Thielen too (recognize my own mistake after disrespecting him last year) but he’s a guy that always seems to fall off towards end of the season. Diggs is still the true WR1 on that team and one of the best young ascending talents in the league. He’s only 25. So in dynasty formats, I’d be hard pressed to find 14 other WRs I’d take over him in a startup. And I have yet to see him actually fall past 10th-12th WR taken off the board in dynasty startups either.

The gap between Williams and Diggs is massive and I don’t think Sanders is enough to make up for it. But also just not high on sanders period either tbh. Didn’t really like his college tape and his receiving game is pretty weak. Averaged 1 YPRR in college.

Just to add to the voices who are against this deal;

Williams is TD dependent to a degree that Diggs is not. And Diggs is regularly involved to a degree that Williams is not.

Therefore, again, for the make up of this particular fantasy team, a core of Zeke, Bell, Diggs, and Kupp beats a core of Zeke, Bell, Williams, and Kupp in the short term and the long term.

Diggs is a much more solid option than Williams; not only is his consistency ranking much higher than Williams’, it is also LOWER than Keenan Allen’s, the primary target in SD, who renders Williams a much less dependable option.

Also, while Sanders may appear to be a pot sweetener, he doesn’t really sweeten the pot until we see him put it on the field, which he hasn’t done at all, yet.

just looking at your wideouts…and exactly what am i missing…you need a little better scoring from your wideouts and you are trading a better wideout for a worse one…
you are pretty well off on your rb position…you should be trading a rb off your bench with kupp or diggs and get a better wideout …