Potential Blockbuster Trade

I was offered a handful of players for Hunt and I’m struggling as to whether I should take this trade. Before I give the details this is a 12 team .5PPR league and I had Rodgers ;(

My current team:
QB: Bortles/Dalton
RB: Hunt/Ingram/J Allen/Abdullah
WR: AB/Dez/Garcon
TE: Ertz
Bench: John&Jaron Brown/ Ellington/ Snead

Proposed Trade:
Give: Hunt
Get: T.Y. Hilton, Matt Ryan, CJA/Mixon

Is this trade worth it given my Rodgers got hurt and there aren’t many QB on the waiver wire, or should I look to target a different QB in a trade and give up a lesser player?

Do you have room for all those people on your bench?

or you planing on dropping Ellington and a brown?

Mixon will not be someone you’d put in for hunt right now. So he is on your bench and CJ has also been hit n miss. ehhh i don’t know about that one

I’d have to drop 2 players

Before i type a thesis, what’s your record?

I know your getting alot of people but what are you really getting out of that deal? that would help ur team? Ur WR’s are fine. Id maybe put in TY over Garcon but eh

I’m 4-2 so don’t have to win now

That’s what I was thinking, there isn’t a huge upgrade in the WR spot, and I might be better off trading for just a QB from one of the many teams in my league with 2 decent QB on 1 team like the guy who has Brees/Wentz

Boom you nailed. That’s the guy to target.

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Don’t do it… Hunt is the real deal and he is bell 2.0

I wouldn’t take that trade. Matt Ryan is not performing good this year and neither are any of the other players you’ve been offered… Hunt is worth a lot more than that.

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Don’t take it man. It’s not in your favor at all. TY is hit or miss along with the RBs offered. Try to target another QB from a guy who can afford it like you said earlier.

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