Potential brown Brady ajayi deal

Hi Clan

My friend is looking to rejuvenate his team after a second loss and has put all is players up for sale. What players you reckon I should go for. I like the 3 above but could be tempted by others.

I was looking at Evans Jones and Fitzgerald for brown ajayi or wentz Jones and Fitzgerald for Brady and ajayi.

What do you reckon?

My team is wentz, RBS hunt, Freeman, martin, Monty, Jones. wrs theilen evans baldwin cooper fitz and pryor with gronk and graham as he’s

His team is
Cj anderson, ajayi gurley l.murray gillislee crowell
Tate Ant. brown garcon jackson

You’re team is great. What is you’re record so far?
I guess you could get Ajayi low, that’s if you believe he’ll see better days.

Thanks. I’m actually equal second 3-2 thought I’d be doing better but it’s an 8 man league so everyone has a pretty good team.

I like ajayi but the guy knows I like him as was after him from day 1 so won’t be too low for me as it would be for others if I hadn’t been so keen.