Potential Dynasty trade for Keenan Allen

Thinking of trading Damien Williams and either Dede Westbrook or Marvin Jones to get Keenan Allen in my dynasty league. My other notable RBs are high pitched singing voice Daaavid Joooohnson, Dalvin Cook, Josh Jacobs, Rashaad Penny, and Peyton Barber. Notable WRs are TY Hilton, Kenny G, DJ Moore. I’m torn… Don’t know if I should just roll with what I have and hope one of Kenny G, DJ Moore, or Dede live up to their potential, or go out and try to get a bonafide WR1 to compliment TY

D Will is going to help you this season, but I can see KC moving on from him as their bell cow and go into a time share or invest a higher draft pick in a RB in next year’s draft. However, you’re pretty deep at RB right now and it may be worth it to get Allen. He will help you this year and still be around for the future as well.

For me however, I’d probably keep Williams. I always say that RB injuries impact your team a lot more than WR injuries, so I’d rather be deeper at RB than WR. Plus I’m convinced that Moore is poised to have a breakout year in CAR with a healthy Newton throwing him the ball. I’m okay with him as my WR3.

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With the RBS you have in johnson/cook/jacobs I would make this trade Damien williams could be done week 3-4 this season or at the end of the season you will pull similar value from Keenan Allen this season but the value you would gain from having a 27 year old top tier wr with a consistent base is far greater. Dede could end up not panning out and jags offense doesn’t look like its going to become prolific for awhile.