Potential for commissioner waiver wire abuse in Yahoo leagues

I was on the fantasy football subreddit yesterday and was made aware of an issue that Yahoo has with the “edit waiver date” tool. If the commissioner of a league accesses this tool he is able to see if a waiver claim has been filed on a player dropped after the Wednesday morning waivers process. Here is a screenshot https://imgur.com/nvIUtX4 and you can see Tarik Cohen has an asterisk next to his name indicating a claim has been filed for him. There is no record of the commissioner simply accessing this tool in Commissioner Updates or anywhere else. This information could be very useful when trying to save waiver priority. I’ve been in contact with Yahoo and their response was that it is the responsibility of the commissioner to not abuse this information. I want to be clear this only affects players dropped after the Wednesday morning waivers process so it might not necessarily be league breaking but it’s still a temptation that shouldn’t be there for commissioners to exploit.