Potential Kittle/Kelce trade

I have an opportunity to try and trade for Kittle or Kelce for an RB. My TE is dreadful. Looking for suggestions on whether I should try and send this trade to my league mate or try the waiver for one of these TEs.

Potential trade: Mostert For Kittle
Or should I try and add more?

Waiver TEs

12 team Full PPR
My team

QB: Murry, Matt Ryan
RB: Cook, Gibson, Mostert, Carter
WR: Robinson II, Antonio Brown, Aiyuk, OBJ, Gage
TE: Engram, OJ Howard

His Team (He is looking for an RB )
QB: Allen, Lawrence
RB: Harris, James Conner, Williams, Brown
WR: Higgins, DeVonta Smith, Golladay, Ruggs, Beasley
TE: Kelce, Kittle

His running backs aren’t in good shape. That’s definitely a result of taking two expensive TE. I doubt mostert alone gets it done but I’d argue he needs rb way more than you need TE. You could easily cope with waiver TE and only be disadvantaged when you play the Waller owner really as Kelce te advantage is lost.

Do you think I should drop oj or engram for any of those waiver TEs?

Yeah I would be dropping them both. Oj I don’t like his chances of forcing a meaningful role with the number of guys ahead of him and engram right now doesn’t look great shot to play week 1.

I would personally go 1 te whichever waiver you like best, I lean Kmet and pick up another waiver rb if anyone not awful is available just to have a bit more depth should he take some of your rb in a deal.

Drop Howard for Firkser, and you’ll have two top tennish TEs on your team, plus you keep a valuable RB asset in Mostert.

Problem solved.

I think Everett is worth picking up (dropping Howard).

Their WR and RB are pretty lacking. Can’t believe after drafting 2 TE early they also took Allen…yikes.

What’s the starting lineup?

I would rather gamble on a TE that hits as T-10 than trade away a RB. The 3 RB you have are too valuable and would leave you too vulnerable at the position. Firkser, Everett or Parham are decent wild cards for a good season.