Potential League Winner WRs

Hi all some advice please on which of these WRs is the best stash to possibly blow up to a Rest of Season WR1 at some point: Keelan Cole, Chris Godwin, Mike Williams, Brandon Marshall, Dante Pettis


i like mike williams and pettis the most out of them!

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I am on the Mike Williams bus as well… I lost some confidence in Keelan Cole last week. I was at the game and they ran such a condensed turnover proof offense. It could have been the game script… it was a close game but they had the lead… I feel like once the Jags have the lead they lean on the D and run game and short passes. Keelan started off with a long catch on like the second play of the game and then they never strectched the field after that… Not a Godwin fan and not familiar enough to make the call on Pettis.

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