Potential Lev Bell Trade... Need advice

So, I have Lamar Miller and Emanuel Sanders and am/would be receiving Lev Bell & Gallup. I have Marvin Jones and Mike Evens for WR and Zeke and Chris Thompson as RB to cover but would only have Crowder/Lockett/Gallup (now)/or a waiver of Lindsey/Marshall/Allison to get me till Bell comes back… Worth the trade?

Trading Lamar Miller for Bell would be a steal. I dont like Miller at all with that O-Line in Houston right now. You have Zeke and Thompson (Who i really like). Even if Bell dosnt come back till week 10 youll have him for the playoff push, which would be great for you. If i were you id pull the trigger and take the risk.


I agree miller for Bell would be stout… problem is it’s miller & sanders… so that is my dilemma. is sanders going to be a to 15 WR all season and am I giving up his potential and chasing a name…

He could very well be a top 15 WR this year, but he also could be a top 30 WR at the same time. You are weaking your receivers if you make this trade but i think it is well worth it.

Also what WR are available on the waiver right now.

It’s definitely a gamble. I think the week 10 talk could be real. Obviously it could pay off huge. It just depends on your risk tolerance.

I would take the gamble, The his RBs are strong enough to be a playoff contender and when week 10 rolls around (If he sits tell then) he will have two Top 5 backs on his team for the playoffs.

Chris Thompson as an RB2 is pretty terrifying for me.

The WRs would be weak, but you can also find Gems on the waiver Week to Week.

I can see where your coming from with that. But i think that he is still a better RB2 then Miller

The ones I would be interested in would be

GB - Allison
SEA - Marshall
NE - Dorsett
DAL - Beasley
IND - Ryan Grant

I absolutely do not.

Allison and Dorsett would be the WR i would be looking at if you were to make the trade.

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BTW it is a full PPR 14 Team league

Chris Thompson will be the starter on that team by Week 3 or 4

I do see Miller as a high floor, low ceiling kind of back since he doesn’t catch passes, while Thompson is the pass catching back and would be heavily utlized if peterson goes down or if WASH gets down and they have a passing game script…

I myself would feel safe starting Zeke and Thompson as my 1 and 2 backs

i dont know how much more Peterson has in the tank thats why i think Thompson will be valuable this year.

No he won’t, and if he does, he will break (again).

I would pull the trigger and try to find another WR on the waiver wire, either locket or Allison would be an interesting pickup, your taking a risk but if bell does come back before week 10 you will have hit a home run trade

Thompson measurables:

5’8 195 lbs.

Thompson games played, games started over the 5 years of his career:

4, 0
2, 0
13, 0
16, 0
10, 1