Potential trade advice?

Was wondering if trading Melvin Gordon and Kenny Stills or possibly Marvin Jones for Odell and Kenyan Drake. What are your thoughts about that.
Here is my roster currently

I would consider the trade if you didn’t have to give up Jones. But with Marvin Jones, you’re giving up too much.

Odell is an elite receiver, but he’s not exactly the most durable guy out there, and you’re giving up a RB who will be consistently getting 25-ish touches a week in Gordon.

Is there a package that you’d put together to get Odel and maybe keep your backs? Or trade Gordon for odell straight up?

If it’s because you have lots of quality RB depth and need a #1 WR, then I’d be okay with Gordon for Odell straight up.

I just personally don’t like trades where I’m losing RBs. RB is the most important position in most fantasy football leagues.

I think I would partially agree with licc, I mean I dont think it is a terrible trade but Gordon is the guy in LAC and to give that up when we arent sure exactly how MIA RB situation is going to pan out I think might be tough, not to mention your giving up to WR getting an elite WR back but we still dont know what to expect from Josh Gordon yet.

I understand and agree with licc about the rb postion, so let me ask y’all this. I have a buddy that wants rashad penny and I told him I want Hopkins. What would you say about Melvin Gordon, Rashad Penny and Marvin Jones for DeAndre Hopkins and Dalvin cook?

Yeah, I would do that trade immediately. Hopkins is the best player in that deal, and you’re getting a good RB back. I’m not a huge fan of Penny this year.