Potential trade - Baldwin for Mixon

My current RBs are: R. Freeman, Lynch, T. Coleman, Cohen, Anderson.
My current WRs are: A. Brown, Baldwin, Sanders, J. Brown, Kupp, Moore, Richardson.
TE: Gronk

Looking to trade for a starting RB by flipping Baldwin after the injury news and also learning the Royce is going to split carries at best to start the year. I have been offered Mixon, I know he’s trending downwards at the moment, but maybe it’s a good time to do the trade? Thoughts? Thanks.

I like both guys still, but if you can receive mixon in this deal I would definitely hit accept.

Yes…do it. You need to bolster your rb corps and with AB, Manny, and Kupp in the fold, you should be fine at WR without Baldy.

I’d do it. I’m trying to dump baldwin right now as well!