Potential Trade for Kamara

I have Gronk and C. Brate as my TEs.

Would you trade Gronk + a RB for Kamara?

I have the following RBs: T Coleman, N Hines, D Lewis, T Cohen, Alfred Morris, and Leveon Bell (I want to hold him).

The only option I can fathom a Kamara owner considering, and only a Kamara plus Conner owner, would be Gronk + Bell. I would personally never do that, but just saying I think the right person might possibly consider it. I think it would be better for you to try and get Conner right now and end up with Conner/Bell. That could end up being similar to owning Kamara.

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So if I can get him to agree to any RB + Gronk for Kamara, I should accept it?

I think that’s a good trade if you can get him to accept. What type of league? PPR?