Potential trade...I'm commish and need to decide

So there is a father and son with their own teams in my league. The father is in dead last and the son is in 4th place.

I’m the commish and I just had this trade pop up that was accepted and I need to decide whether to allow it or veto it. I’m just trying to be fair here, do not bite my damn head off.

The father (in last place) has agreed to trade Darren Waller and Robby Anderson to his son (in 4th place) for T.J Hockenson and Terry Mclaurin in return.

Those are the 2 highest scoring players on the father’s team and it’s not even close. At first glance I thought it was a terrible trade and even when I check multiple fantasy trade value charts, it’s COMPLETELY unbalanced. What do yall think?

You think it’s a little neptis??? Possibly…it doesn’t seem crazy unbalanced to me…Hockenson is totally a garbage pl piece though…that’s a tough one. As Commish I would consult the other owners.

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It’s really not as far off of a trade as you think. If it is a keeper league especially it gets even closer. But the fairness of the trade shouldn’t even be an issue AT ALL.

The issue should be is there collusion.

I agree with Javamug.