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Potential Trade - Lynch, Bryant, J. Allen for M. Thomas and Cooper?


Would you guys do this trade? Standard scoring.

QB: Brees / Luck IR
RB: Bell/Conner, Hunt, Lynch, J. Allen, Doug Martin, Derrick Henry,
WR: Jordy Nelson, Bryant, Kearse, Golloday, Snead
TE: Kelce


talkin DEZ or MARTAVIS


I would. You have Bell, Hunt and Martin’s coming back. so the RBs are great once Bell turns it up. And your WR will be Nelson, Thomas. The only down side is you will have Thomas and Snead, but that’s ok i guess.


If its Martavis, I say pull the trigger fam


I would do it. With Bell and Hunt you’re set and with Jordy, Thomas, and Cooper you’d be set at WR


My bad - Martavis, not Dez.

Thanks for the input