Potential trade!

Should I do the below trade?

Zeke, Darrell Henderson, and Allen Robinson

Tyreek Hill and Chris Carson

Love to have Hill but send side is giving too much with Zeke and Henderson. Would need to see the rest of your roster


I’d be thin at RB but starting lineup would be killer.

Aaron Rodgers

Jamaal Williams
Tony pollard

Allen Robinson
Tyler Lockett
Brandin Cooks
Diontae Johnson
Devonta Smith


ARob is great but Chicago’s QB situation is scary. I like Henderson alot this year but he looks to be injury prone. Hill would Rround out your lineup nicely. Go for it and hope Zeke gets hurt so you can lean on Pollard.

Also think about the team you’re trading to. Don’t turn them into a team you can’t beat.

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Much appreciated! And very good points!

No. You’re giving up too much. I’d consider doing this trade if Henderson was removed.