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Potential Trade


We are a .5 point PPR 12 team league, QB RB RB WR WR TE RB/WR/TE QB/RB/WR/TE, K, D.

Current Roster: QB: Prescott, Manning, Trubisky (Hoyer and Bortles currently available on waviers)
RB: Elliot, Murray, Ellington, Lacy
WR: Bryant (Dez), Crabtree, Thielen, Sanders, Kupp
TE: Rudolph

I was offered Tyrod Taylor and Wayne Gallman for Crabtree. I could use the help at QB and WR for sure, but what do you guys think the outlook is for Gallman?

Thanks everyone!


Stick with Crabtree. I like the QBs you have over Taylor, and not really sure I can trust anyone on the Giants with the mess they have going on right now.


Thanks man! He originally offered me the move the Thielen instead…but changed his mind. Would you be more likely to make that move? Or still no?


don’t trade Theilen neither, Gallman is worthless for the next 2 weeks, not to mention the dumpster fire the Giants are right now, and after the bye week, Perkins will be back, rbbc, no way