Potential trades thoughts

Boyd is my WR 2, would you trade him for Ridley?


I’m offering Tyler Boyd for Sony Michel

Allen Robinson for Mclaurain

Not sure how boyd will do with Finley but anything should be better. Do you need RB help? I would rather have robinson over mclaurin

Yeah, I’t got Cook and Kamara, Edmonds (RIP),… then Golladay, DJ Moore, Boyd, Emman Sanders at WR

Here’s how I view the Robinson/mclaurin trade. Robinson right now is the better player but trubisky is significantly worse than case keenum. Trubisky is better than kyler Murray. Bears have a much more talented coaching staff right now.

I’d look at each of these dynamics and then decide what kind of risk you prefer. QB or coaching.

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Bears at least have some talent to take the pressure off of Robinson. Washington has nobody, he is the only functional player on that offense. Which can be good or bad. Plus their awful offensive scheme scares me. Figure it’s probably 6’s either way.

Bears definitely have a better Pass catchers. But they lack runningback talent. With Guice and AP redskins have better runners (assuming Guice is healthy when he comes back). Also Paul Richardson may not be flashy but with his speed he’s not someone you can ignore. Coaching staff and management is awful in Washington. I’d probably lean Robinson too

What does “Trubisky is better than Kyler Murray” have to do with this trade? Did you mean Haskins?

Also, it’s still early, but there’s not much to back the claim that Trubisky is better than Kyler

Yep, I’ve done that exact same switch like a dozen times now. For some reason I’m convinced Haskins is kyler haha.

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I debated not clarifying for a second, bc I for sure thought I was getting trolled haha. No worries

Thoughts on Boyd for Ridley? Boyd should start doing more with the amount of targets he gets but the rookie at QB scares me. On the other hand I’d be trading a WR1 for a WR2. I don’t know.

Ridley over Boyd for sure. And I’d keep Robinson over F1. Boyd now has a backup QB and Ridley will get Ryan back with more targets with Sanu gone. F1 will have to deal with Haskins as long as Keenam is out

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