Potentially big trade here

If I could trade Swift + Keenan Allen + Alex Collins for Davante Adams + Nick Chubb in a .5 PPR, is that good?

My other RBs are Dalvin and Najee. My other WRs are DJ Moore, Golladay and Toney

It is a no brainer if your record gives you the ability to wait for chubb.

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I’m 4-2 and will have to start Michael Carter and D’Ernest Johnson this week but meh

Then i would do it.

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do this immediately before they change their minds! this should win you your league

Would you give up DJ Moore instead of Keenan? Not sure he wants Keenan

If you can swing this, do it!

I personally would not accept this as the Chubb/Adams owner, unless I was absolutely desparate for any playable RB.

Also, Collins is a possible no-go this week, so be mindful of that if the trade is rejected.

Yeah his only RBs are Murray, Chubb and Jamal Williams so…he needs 1


All I will say is be ready to get a counter of Swift/Moore/Collins or possibly Swift/Harris or Harris/Allen for Chubb/Adams.

Adams is quite expensive to get even if he needs a RB.

Swift + Moore + Carter was actually sent to me for the Chubb and Adams, so I was just wondering if it was a decent accept.

This all started with me asking for Allen Robinson for one of these backup RBs

That is a good trade. I would accept that one.