Powell or Miller Week 6

Need help deciding about my RB 2 this week. It has been Miller for a while, but we all know why I’m nervous about him (Kerry on is on BYE so I have to make this dumb decision).

Pushing this back up. Also just got an offer to do Miller for Agholor (probably won’t). Thoughts on trading miller for Tyler Boyd?

Also I just offered Miller and Keelan Cole for Brandin Cooks.

Just for reference, my other RBs are Elliot, Kerryon (BYE this week), and Powell. Not deep at all, but Miller isn’t doing anything.

Decent trade if you need WRs

This is an insulting low ball. Good luck getting a response on that one.

I think powell is a fine safe play. He gets the passing down work in that offense.

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Fortunately he is stacked at WR (Has AB, Thielen, Cooks, Boyd, and Nelson Agholor). Maybe that can help the situation.

Thanks for the reply

@MikeMeUpp You are not going to believe this. He took it. I get Brandin Cooks.

High way robbery. He must have thought Cooks is out for multiple weeks with concussion or something. Only thing that makes sense. Well done.

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Agreed. That or he really is that desperate for an RB. Derrick Henry also got dropped to Waivers, so I’m trying to grab him in the morning.