Power Rankings

Hey I just started commissioning a dynasty football league and I’m trying to make it more real and interactive and one of the things I have been working on is power rankings but I am having a hard time figuring out to create the power rankings. Do you have an ideas or opinions?

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The easy way is simply potential points. You can include an efficiency percentage to tell who plays the best starters every week too.

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Another way is a cumulative points system. Something like this:

1 point for a win
0 points for a loss
5 points for 1st overall score for the week
4 points for 2nd overall score for the week
3 points for third overall score for the week
2 points for 4th
1 point for 5th
0 points for 6th
-1 for 7th
-2 for 8th
-3 for 9th
-4 for 10th

This helps account for high losing scores and low winning scores.