PPR 10 team league, 2 qb draft for sunday. need advice

Never done a PPR 10 team league where you need 2 QBs as starters. Its 4 points for QBs. 2rbs,3wrs,1 te,1flex,1k,1 defense.

So should my 1st pick be a qb?? Or wr??

You shouldn’t pick a QB first round, even if it is a 2 QB league.

You should be able to grab great options at QB a little later than the first four rounds. Qb’s are much easier to stream off the waiver wire than trying to piece together RB’s to start in the season.

Even if you’re in a 2 QB league, I wouldn’t even THINK about grabbing a QB before the fourth round, and it would have to be a Rodgers, Wilson or Watson sitting there for me to go QB in the fourth. Grab great RB and WR depth early while everyone else is wasting their picks on QB’s.

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