PPR--2 points per reception advice-

Do I start Diggs or K Allen this week? My opponent is starting Theilen-

Keenan in 2 pt PPR

Even if my opponent is starting Theilen? Jags could make for a tough day-Any thoughts and reasoning much appreciated-Maybe I am overthinking this-

Oh shit he plays the Jags… dude idk. Go with your gut

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Diggs against his Thelin and I’m also starting M Gordon over CMC alongside Shady-

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Any thoughts on this??

Minnesota plays Washington this week

Your thoughts? Diggs against Norman etc-who would you start as my opponent is starting Thelin and the Jags are really good-

Do you need this position to have a safe floor or high upside? I’d say it depends on what this match for you looks like. You’ve seen what diggs can do when he is hot. We don’t know how he feels coming off injury though and what the vikes will do writing him into game script. As a biased Viking fan I feel like he is such an explosive player and almost a must start since he is our wr 1. Not Thielen. Allen gets a lot of balls thrown at him but he has been under achieving all year and doesn’t excite me much. But he has a safer floor

Since my opponent is playing Theilen I think I should play Diggs-I would be happy for a push between the 2 on points-does that make any sense as I like Allen but I also am starting Gordon against the Jags alongside Shady and Kamara-I also have CMC and D Martin on my bench-

I just heard today that Diggs will get matched up mostly with Josh Norman. That’s a terrible matchup and I wouldn’t touch Diggs this week.

I hear ya on that-So Allen against the jags 2 points per reception-if he wasn’t starting Theilen i wouldn’t even be worried-idk???

After looking at both matchups, I can certainly see going with Diggs. Norman plays almost always on one side of the field. I think Diggs will get enough work on the other side to make him worth starting. The Jags’ defense is fierce and Allen just isn’t assured of getting much at all. Go with Diggs if you are feeling it.

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I don’t know who to start? That Norman on Diggs makes me nervous BUT so does the Jags and I’m starting Gordon as well at RB-

I guess I’m more confident starting Diggs and hope Theilen just makes it a push or basically they just score about the same on points-If I start Allen and Gordon against Jags I may be in double the trouble-

Anyone else have anything to add on this?