Ppr 2 points per reception wr help

just dropped m jones for funchess as my first place rival has cam-would i be silly to drop k allen for robert woods ROY? THOUGHTS PLEASE ASAP–THANKS…

just wondering if dropping allen for woods is stupid on my part as he has been very inconsistent-last place team i play this week picked up eckler and i have gordon-he has goff starting this week and should i handcuff him back by picking up woods as he has been playing well-

this is my starting roster–brady–shady–m gordon–diggs–t hill–kamara at the flex–j graham–greg z–jacksonville-my bench consists of a smith–k allen just picked up funchess and dropped m jones–d martin–CMC–and seattle-should i part ways with allen and pick up robert woods? i know if i drop seattle one of the upper placed teams will snatch them-dont want to better their teams-the 1 and 9 team i play this week just picked up ekler and handcuffed me-he is starting goff this week against me-- 2 points per catch and 1 point per rush-if he starts ekler thought about benching m gordon for d martin against miami-am i overthinking this? thanks for reading and help much appreciated-