PPR Analysis: Cooper Kupp v. Robert Woods

Cooper Kupp:
ADP: 3.08
Andy: 254 pts - 90 catches 1091 YDS 9 TDS
Jason: 248 pts - 85 catches 1103 YDS 9 TDS
Mike: 236 pts - 83 catches 1050 YDS 8 TDS
Average: 246 pts 86 catches 1081 YDS 9 TDS

Robert Woods:
ADP: 4.11
Andy: 247 pts - 88 catches 1139 YDS 5 TDS
Jason: 241 pts - 86 catches 1098 YDS 6 TDS
Mike: 258 pts - 100 catches 1180 YDS 6 TDS
Average: 248.67 pts 91 catches 1139 YDS 6 TDS

I’m a huge fan of the show and the content these guys produce. I mostly play PPR so after combing through the UDK PPR rankings I have decided to analyze the Baller’s rankings and provide some personal input on the situation to start some conversation hopefully. First up an interesting conversation of two teammates, Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp.

Personal Analysis:
After reviewing the Baller’s data, where they have Cooper Kupp as 3 round pick 8 in PPR drafts, and Robert Woods at Round 4 pick 11, I’m personally finding Robert Woods to be the better pick in PPR drafts based off value when considering the Baller’s projections for the 2020 season. In 2019, Kupp and Woods were the leaders in production at the WR position for the Rams, and with Cooks departure that path is even more clear. Like the Ballers, I agree that I think that Kupp will be more of threat to lead the duo in TD catches but I don’t think that means he will outscore Woods in fantasy points in PPR leagues this year. When the Rams shifted to 2 TE sets, Robert Woods really thrived in his flanker role and I look for that to continue this year and based off volume I think he will have more fantasy points than Kupp at the end of this year.

At this point in drafts I’m very happy taking Woods in the early 5th rather than Kupp in the late 3rd and will continue to watch how this trends throughout the offseason.

Thanks to the Ballers for the great content, and I look forward to more FootClan analysis and can’t wait for a great 2020 season!

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The Rams have lost their goal line back, and while that is not a direct contribution to the WR position, I could see it translate in the short yardage scenario and I think Woods could score more action if they use the motion to get him open this year in short yardage situations.

Personal Prediction:

Roberto Woods: 90-95 Catches ~1200 yds and 7 TDs similar to the Baller’s averages

Cooper Kupp: 85-90 catches ~1080 yds 8 TDs

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Totally with you. Assuming Rams stick with that 2 TE formation it’s not pretty for Kupp. Based on how the team improved after the switch, no reason to assume they will scrap it. McVay likes to do what is working. Toss in those nearly two rounds of draft capital and I’ll take Woods 100 out of 100 times.