PPR - Crowell, Pryor or Keenan Allen?

Crowell, Pryor or Keenan Allen? If you could draft two of the three in a 12-team PPR, who would it be? Keep in mind that I already have David Johnson and Melvin Gordon on the roster. Thanks for the feedback!

Having DJ and Melvin Gordon already, I’d probably take Pryor and Allen. Pryor I believe is going to be awesome this year. Keenan has been riddled with injuries however I do think that they are fluky injuries. Him in ppr would be monstrous even with all of the targets in Los Angeles. Crowell is going to be good this year but you already have two stud rbs, I prefer a balance on my team.

crowell would give you trade power, and injury insurance. other than that, between the three i would want pryor and allen. both are guys who can be WR1s. already having 2 RB1s, that gives you crazy power. even if they are both high end RB2s, thats still damn strong. honestly im not even sure how you have both. im guessing its a keeper?

Thanks for the good advice. Much appreciated. I agree Crow would give me
nasty RB depth and serious trade power. But I also like Hunt, Perine and
Jamaal Williams and look to snag one or two of them late in the draft so
probably loading up on three bell-cow RB’s early would not be the best plan
of attack.

MGD (Gordon) is my keeper and I have the #1 draft pick so gonna take DJ. So
I’m looking at the turn for picks 2/3 (12-team PPR). I really like the
combo of Allen and Pryor. Gonna use Pryor as the #3 cuz I think he has
higher ceiling for potential keeper next year. For last pick in round 4,
I’m leaning towards Woodhead (who would be my RB3/flex play).

Thanks again!

wow, im stunned that who ever had DJ is letting him go. well hey, more power to you.

It’s a one year only keeper league so the guy who had DJ last year (2016) had to give him up. But he drafted him in the 14th round (2015). So it should come as no surprise that he dominated and rolled the season undefeated. He also had Zeke and Demarco Murray.