PPR Draft 4th pick

Who would you take assuming McCaffrey, Kamara and Barkley are gone?

Risk it for the biscuit! Go for Zeke lol

Nah, probably Hopkins until Zeke’s contact situation is resolved

I semi-agree with @billywhoopass, but i would also include a few choices.

for WR i’d be fine with Davante adams, hopkins, or julio (i’d go hopkins because i feel he’s a guaranteed top 3 player).

For RB, i wouldn’t fault you for going David Johnson if you want to invest in RB early.

I’d limit it to those 4 choices though, personal preference at that point.

Zeke if you think the contract situation works out or DJ then I’d go WR

I’m cooling on DJ compared to 2 weeks ago but he would still be my pick. If you want to go WR, I would take Adams

Hopkins or whoever your #1 WR is. Just don’t go Zeke with the contract situation unless you 100% believe he’ll play every week.