PPR - Draft Juju AND Conner?

Sitting at the 11th pick. Juju and Conner both falling to me. Would you draft them both, or pair Juju with Cook or Chubb?

I have gone JuJu and Conner in 2 drafts now. Great combo, high volume and top tier players at their positions. My wife won our fantasy league 2 years ago with the killer B stack (AB, Bell, Big Ben). Go for it!!

JuJu with any of those three is great.

to give this context, would you have been ok with bell and brown 2 years ago? the answer is hell yes. with an offense like that, im not scared of having 2 players on the same team. now i do think that both juju and connor are not as good as their counterparts, but thats not a slight on them. just an acknowledgment that bell and brown are 2 of the best to ever play their position.

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