PPR Draft Result

Followed the tier based drafting. Waited on TE and QB (most teams already had a 2nd in that position) and I drafted this team. Yahoo! gave me a D+ draft grade. What’s your opinion #footclan-community

Team looks strong to me! Curious who your 5th WR is. Top 4 are very strong. Some risk associated with Cook and Carson and obviously DJohnson too but then you also have Hunt who should be reliable for points (assuming the league isn’t Standard).

Got Diontae Johnson and I took a flyer on Aiyuk.

I drafted a team I thought was very strong using the ballers tier rankings and with other people drafting defense in rounds 7-10 and one person taking 5 Steelers. Yet when NFL.com ranked my team they project me going 5-8 and placing 7th. I feel like there is a lot they don’t take into consideration and may even be a bit out of date.