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PPR Dyanasty League needs 3 owners


Hello Potential GM,

I am commish in a PPR Dynasty hosted on fleaflicker. Buy in is $20 a year and payouts are $130 for first, $50 for second, $20 for third. I need 3 owners who will do a suplimentat draft of the 3 teams with rookie draft picks we are replacing. Pretty standard scoring for PPR. 25 man rosters with 2 IR spots. Starting line ups QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,WR/RB,WR/TE,TE,K. Let me know if interested jarrod.cole@hotmail.com


Interested. drileysoftball@gmail.com


What do the three team’s rosters look like?


What does the three teams look like


Going to send you invite to league so you can see all the rules and let me know if you want in for sure.



Going to send you an invite so you can check it out along with all the rules/scoring



Need an email from u





Sorry man. Those three teams are pretty bad. There are a couple absolutely loaded teams in the league as well. Your’s is stacked! Nicely done, building your team btw. I think I’ll pass though. Not much chance of turning those teams around imo. Thanks for the invite.


I’ll have to pass as well. Several nice teams though.


hkimmel@mail.usf.edu. Interested


Hey Phil. Sending you invite so you can check out the league.



I’m in, best way to communicate with you guys?


Through the site. There is an email league option on every message. The guys will get it. Still need 2 more and then we will get y’alls suplimental draft going.