PPR dynasty league trade offer

I have been offered Freeman Lockett and first round draft pick for Thielen. What are your thoughts. My current rbs Bell J. Howard Alex Collins. Thielen definitely my best wide receiver.

2019 first? Do you know what the pick is?

Would be the 8th pick

I personally think that is a good haul for Theilen. At this point in the off season, I wouldnt worry about your starting lineup. Try to gain as much value on your team as possible and make the necessary trades later on to build a solid starting lineup.

Theilen is a tale of two halves, particularly with/without Dalvin Cook. When Cook was injured, Theilen was a monster (as you know). When Cook came back he was more of a WR2. Iā€™d take that offer and see if you could trade that first rounder + something else closer to draft day for a solid WR.