PPR Dynasty Startup Draft: Picks 12/13: Fournette or Cook?

Which of these two RB’s would you stake your franchise future on-- Dalvin Cook or Leonard Fournette? I could go both, but I’m leaning towards Michael Thomas as my WR-1 (being a young, long-term WR1, and since I won’t be picking again until picks #36 and 37). Thanks.

Fournette would be who I would stake my franchise in…

He does have a little bit of injury risk…
But we don’t fully know if cook is the guy…

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If there is a seperate rookie draft, go Rb, WR, bcuz u will have an early rookie pick and there are alot of great picks there

Is this a ppr league?

Yes, PPR league.

I would take Fournette here. I know he has the niggling injuries week to week, but Cook only had a short run before suffering a fairly serious injury and we have no idea how he will be when he’s back in. Also has never been seen playing with a healthy Murray on the sidelines as well which for at least this season could create a time share - in Cooks favour but still a concern. As for the knee, i know we see constant bounce backs from these sorts of injury but there is the real risk that he may not be back to the same level again.

I would 100% take Cook on my team, but for my 1st RB on the sheet i want a guy that gets the volume and is the focus of the offense (if you can get that). Fournette is the less risky pick between these two here for me.

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Man that’s tough. Cook is in the better situation and has some pass catching ability. But Fournette is a STUD with a nose for the endzone as well. Obviously you are good either way, but I think I lean Cook.


I like Cook, but I love upside.

Fournette is the safe play.

Both have injury potential, but Fournette seems marginal and Cook was substantial. Sadly you will not know about Cook until it is too late.

I like both teams well enough moving forward, so it is not an issue of better offense. We know Fournette had his role secured. Cook may (though I doubt it) be pushed by another back. I only see that if Cook is fully healthy. At the same time, there is some growing buzz on Yeldon, so who really knows about workload.

I feel we have seen the ceiling on Fournette but Cook is a mystery. If there is any truth to what we did see, his ceiling might be very high.

Given your next picks are so far out, I could definitely see playing this safer and taking Fournette. For me, I would pair the safety of Thomas with the ceiling of Cook. But again, I like upside.