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PPR Dynasty Trade... Who Won?


2017 2.12
2017 3.12



My situation is having such a late pick in the rookie rounds my receiver situation was the only place I really felt I needed to improve. With Ziek and Jordan Howard as my RB’s there really wasn’t a dire need to move up for a running back. Prior to the trade my WR’s were as listed: Cobb, Edelman, Tavon Austin, Donte Moncrief, Kenny Stills, and Tyrell Williams.

I really wanted to get a Top 10ish receiver to validate my WR core and I still probably have room for improvement. But I believe Baldwin was a good start. My questions are:

Did I win in this trade as far as benefitting my team as a whole?

Was Eifert a good enough fill in for losing Gronk while gaining in the WR area?


For me, I don’t trust gronk very much, I know eifert also has some injury concerns but not to the point of gronk, eifert is a top 5 lock for me so to add him and then get a WR1 like Baldwin I definitely lean your side. Hurns still has upside too he’s flashed before. Lynch… he’s kind of the unknown factor, with your backs though I like the move


i would probably lean your side but not by much. Baldwin definitely helps your much more and eifert is only a slight step down


I’d take your side


Your side definitely, especially long term.