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My situation is having such a late pick in the rookie rounds my receiver situation was the only place I really felt I needed to improve. With Ziek and Jordan Howard as my RB’s there really wasn’t a dire need to move up for a running back. Prior to the trade my WR’s were as listed: Cobb, Edelman, Tavon Austin, Donte Moncrief, Kenny Stills, and Tyrell Williams.

I really wanted to get a Top 10ish receiver to validate my WR core and I still probably have room for improvement. But I believe Baldwin was a good start. My questions are:

Did I win in this trade as far as benefitting my team as a whole?

Was Eifert a good enough fill in for losing Gronk while gaining in the WR area?

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I think it’s a fair trade that makes sense from where you’re coming from needing WR depth. Baldwin is always undervalued and his name won’t win people over when voting on a trade, but I think this helps your team. I wouldn’t say it’s a huge win, but might be a necessary trade for you. The only downside is with Gronk’s name, you might have been able to get more… but who cares if it helps your team.


Awesome Thanks!

Looks like a pretty even trade to me. I like your side more long term beyond just 2017. The only critique I have is the same as Jason’s in that you could have potentially gotten more for Gronk. Baldwin is a very solid addition to your team.

As far as Gronk vs. Eifert: I see Eifert and his injury types allowing him to be successful longer into his career, whereas Gronk will win you games when he plays, but his career could end more abruptly than Eifert’s in my opinion.

I definitely think your team benefited from the trade, so that’s the real win. I’m assuming since you traded away two 12th picks that you’ve got that #FootClanTitle , so an assumed congrats to you!